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TORNADO Blender Replacement Blade Assembly

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This Replacement Blade Assembly is intended to be installed if the current assembly in your TORNADO Blender starts to wear out.

The installation of this Blade Assembly is easy to do. No special skills required! It will take you less than 5 minutes to replace your worn out assembly with the new one.

You will also receive the special tool that is required to do this job.

Our blade is made of hardened stainless-steel. The blade-assembly is equipped with two superior high-quality bearings. These bearings are double-sealed for the longest possible lifetime.

Please note that a worn out Blade Assembly is covered under our Full Warranty. So if you are experiencing problems and your TORNADO Blender is still under Warranty, please contact us so that we can arrange a replacement for you.

Should your Warranty be expired, this Replacement Part is a cost effective solution to fix your defective container.  We also offer a complete Replacement Blender Container as an additional option.

My 2 cents:     The bearings in our blender are wearing parts (similar to the brake pads on your car for example) - and replacement of the Blade Assembly is to be expected at some point in the blender's lifetime.

And just like your car's brake pads, the lifetime of the bearings in the blade assembly greatly depends on how much they are being used.

The same happens with my 5200 Vitamix blender by the way. To give you a reference: In the past, when I used my Vitamix daily and sometimes several times a day for some pretty heavy-duty blending, the blade assembly started to leak and needed to be replaced roughly every 2 years.

At the very least, you can expect the same lifetime of our blade assembly. But again: The lifetime of the bearings greatly depends on the use of the blender. And if you are using your TORNADO only a couple of times a week for some light-duty jobs, you might never have to replace the blade assembly at all.

The blade assembly in my personal TORNADO that I'm using daily in my kitchen right now has been going strong for close to 3 years (08/2018) - and it doesn't show any signs of leakage so far.

Please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions or concerns!

Best wishes, Ingo

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What you get with this purchase:

1 blade assembly; one installation tool;

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