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Dear Customer!

I am happy to know that you are interested in learning a little more about our business.

I would like to share a short story with you – the story about how I became passionate about blending, and why I developed the TORNADO High-Performance Blender. 

It all started a few years ago. I had just moved to the United States from Germany, and a friend of mine took me to a Costco® in Los Angeles.  While walking through the store, we came across a crowd of people. They were watching a Vitamix® sales-presentation.

I had been using a basic blender for a few years, and I didn't even know that powerful blenders like that existed. I was completely blown away by what this thing could do. It could not only make shakes (I thought that was the only thing blenders were there for), but also ice-cream and even hot soups. My jaw dropped several times, and I honestly couldn't believe it!   

But then it happened! The crowd cleared and I saw the price tag! That thing was almost 500 bucks! And my jaw dropped even harder! It was completely incomprehensible how anyone would spend so much money for a blender! I really really wanted one, but that was never going to happen, and I walked away. 

Over the next 2 years I bought several of the cheaper blenders that cost anywhere between $75 and $200. But they all sucked and none of them came even close to what I had seen in that sales-presentation. 

That was around the same time when I moved to Las Vegas. One of my new neighbors happened to be a Vitamix® sales person. He hooked me up and I was able to buy one directly from him. It was amazing and it changed everything!

It was in the following months when the idea was born:  I knew that a blender like this can change people's lives! It could help them eat and live healthier!

But a lot of people would simply never be able to afford a blender that costs that much. Or maybe they could afford it, but would have the same reaction that I had back then at Costco®.

So I decided to create a high-quality machine that can do everything the great ones can – and that is also reasonably priced and affordable for almost everybody! 

More than 3 years of hard work have passed since then, and I'm truly proud that the final product turned out the way that it did.

I love this machine and I'm passionate about helping people change and improve their health and their lives!  

I truly hope that our TORNADO will play a big role in your family's daily life from now on going forward. 


  • HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS - I am directly involved in the development & design-process of all our products. I have very high standards regarding quality - and we only offer products that meet and exceed my requirements.
    And to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, we test and check every single product for full functionality and flawlessness in our warehouse right before we place it in the shipping box to get it on the way to you.
  • FREE SHIPPING WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS - Having a well thought-out shipping process plays a big role in e-commerce. It is very important to me that our customers don't get 'punished' with increasing shipping-cost for purchasing more products. Actually, I want to reward you for purchasing more. We offer Free Shipping for all our products - no matter what quantity and without any minimum-purchase requirements!
  • PERSONAL CONTACT - Even though we live in the age of e-commerce, I strongly believe that personal contact and the relationship between customer and seller is highly important. A key-element in my philosophy is to create a 'mom-and-pop-store' feeling - and to connect this feeling with the modern e-commerce of the 21st century. I try to accomplish this by publishing videos all over our website in which I explain the services and products we offer, my personal recommendations and experiences with our products and any other information that might be helpful for you. I hope that by doing so, I can start building a relationship between you and me, start gaining your trust and eventually win a new satisfied customer.
  • SUSTAINABILITY - It is my goal to built long lasting relationships with our customers. It is not my intention to talk you into products which you don't want or need. I am not chasing 'that one big sale'.  I just offer products that might help make your life easier and more enjoyable. And this, in combination with the other aspects in my business philosophy, makes me confident that we can build a sustainable business with returning and satisfied customers.
  • HONESTY - I deeply believe that honesty is one of the most important aspects in any kind of business as well as in everybody's personal life. And I promise that I will always be totally honest and open with anybody I get in contact with.
  • RELIABILITY - I will always stand by my word and be 100% reliable in my actions.
  • TRUST - My goal is to gain your trust with professionalism, honesty and reliability.
  • DEDICATION - With the support of my suppliers and my team, I will make any effort and go out of my way to satisfy our customers' needs in order to build a successful and sustainable business.
  • PRIDE - I take pride in what I do: the internet presence, the products we offer, and the way I interact with our customers.


At the very end, just a little bit about myself:

I was born and raised in Germany and moved to the United States in 2010 at the age of 25.   My father owns and operates an aluminum-foundry in a small town in the northern part of Germany - so I grew up being involved in this operation here and there. This is where my love for working with high-quality products and materials evolved.

In order to expand my skills, my father advised me to learn and study something completely different from his own profession - so I decided to major in business and restaurant management in Hannover, Germany.

It has always been my dream and passion to run my own business - starting with the idea to sell 'Bratwurst' sausages on a busy street as a 7-year-old boy, over opening a go-cart-track when I was 11, to planning and designing my own restaurant-concept in my early 20s.     After my relocation to the US, I quickly drifted away from the restaurant-industry. Several coincidences made me take a close look at the retail business - which ultimately lead me to start this company here in Las Vegas.

Now, I can combine my love for high-quality products and materials - with my passion for serving my customers and creating smiles with the products we offer.

Thank you very much for visiting our website!

Best wishes,


Customer Reviews - Tornado High-Performance Blender
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Customer Reviews

121 reviews
Winifred A. (Frederick, Maryland, United States)
Tornado blender

High performance and very reliable. Affordable price.

Vanessa L. (Alpharetta, Georgia, United States)
Love it!!

This is a great mat for my Tornado. It’s thick and high quality. It keeps my Tornado in place even at high speed.

Adriano S. (North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, United States)
Great customer service

Great asset to the kitchen

TORNADO High-Performance Blender
Steve W. (Salt Lake City, Utah, United States)
Very Happy! Buying more for Christmas gifts

The Tornado performance far exceeds the Vitamix we retired. We our Tornado to juice veggies, make fruit smoothies, and salsa. The motor base is solid, both the clear plastic and lovely stainless tops are of the highest quality! I’m blown away with the value of our purchase. The entire buying process is highly personalized with direct chatting with Ingo via the website’s online live chat option. Knowing about Tornado Blender Company, to steal from Shane Co. Jewelry, “It’s like having a friend in the blender business!” I plan on doing my shopping at Tornado Blender Company this next Christmas. Thank you for everything!

TORNADO Blender Stainless Steel Container
LILLIAN C. (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

I choose tornado because the name tells of its product am satisfied with my blender and will honestly give it a 5 star rating

Good afternoon i choose TORNADO BLENDER COMPANY because i got satisfaction from there product . The other blenders dose not carry the speed and the power that i am looking for THANK U TORNADO.

TORNADO High-Performance Blender
Linda J. (Kansas City, Missouri, United States)
Missouri customer

I have wanted a really good quality blender, soomthie moaker, nut butter blender but witches cost, I wanted a good investment. I just happened to stumble across the Tornado. It wasn't as expensive as the Blendtex, Ninga, Vita Mixer, for the quality, AND! It's American made. It works great, so I'm very happy I waited and kept looking to finally buy.

great prouct

Use these to make tofu. It dose a wonderful job… all the pulp is remove to make a smooth product.

TORNADO High-Performance Blender
Anthony A. (Belleville, New Jersey, United States)

I love this blender better than my former ninja blender. Less noise.

TORNADO High-Performance Blender
Winifred A. (Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States)

Very efficient and powerful blender. Durable and the price is right.